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I couldn't help it. I just saw the cards in stock on NCIX this morning and my impulse got the better of me. It's a good thing I got a Christmas bonus because I had to buy antibiotics for my cat today as well. I already told myself that I should wait and see what Nvidia offered but I already screwed that up. Hopefully, AMD's driver support is better than the mess it has been recently and I don't end up regretting my decision. The fact that they finally added application profiles has me optimistic, though.

Was considering the XFX Double D Black Edition but experienced issues with a non-reference XFX card in the past. Luckily my decision was made for me as both it and the Sapphire changed to "out of stock" while I was still pondering. Went with the PowerColor because personally it's been a fine brand for me in the past and it's $50 cheaper. The limited warranty never bothers me because I always buy a new card every two years or so anyways.
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