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Originally Posted by Lamb View Post
I think ebox's prices for cable arent that good, plus I get a lower cap, and no ''off-peak'' unlimited for cable. I don't need cable 30 really, I just want something a tad faster than DSL5 or 6, priced within reason with high to no cap at all (I'm not the one paying but I don't want my parents to pay too much for the internet I use, I pay for things such as activation fees, plus I paid for both modem and router and something like half the ethernet plugs and CAT5 cable used in the house...)

DSL16 with 300GB/month and unlimited off-peak usage for $45.99 seems fair to me, I know Teksavvy would have these rates dropped down if Bell wasnt asking so much for access to it's network. Plus I like Teksavvy...they use friggin Laraque for their publicity, I have his jersey (But seriously, I got awesome service everytime I had to call them )

teksavvy cable is better deal and service

on 8m i get 11m so on 12m i be gettin 13-15m

not worth the expense of a new box+instalation to switch

but i been lovin the no throtling
and the dsl not as stable as cable
hate gettin cut off for 1ms

new prices
TekSavvy Pricing Notice
maximus IV extreme @ 5.1 1.41v

evga e760 +920 4.8 water5.0+ on phase linx stable
gtx285 tri-sli
dfi ut-p35 lt
e8600@4.6 1.38v
too much ram
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