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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Adzsask View Post
Only big company I bother "helping" is walmart, and only because my aunt works in electronics and gives me her discount. I have watched friends spend thousands on 46 to 56inch LCD TV's ,I love showing them my 40 inch LCD I purchased for $356 with tax included :D .
But even they have some issues... i went in there the other day looking for a copy of El Camino, which I had seen like fifty copies of the previous week. I thought okay, i'll ask... I waited at the counter while the lady assisted three people who approached the desk AFTER me and then she told me "oh yeah, I have no idea because we don't have a CD database." I was like DERP DERP DERP, what kind of business you running here!! Ironically enough, I found a copy at Best Buy for like five bucks cheaper than everywhere else
Who needs a real doctor when you got my machines and their scary needles?
I also go by Silver Blues in lots of other places.
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