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Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
As for your PCB, thats a minor amount of flex compared to how mine was. I would try shortening the tubing between the CPU and GPU, that will straighten it out some. Your board isn't kinked in the middle, just not supported at the end. Shorten the tube a couple millimeters, and use the tubing to help support the board instead of pushing it down.
Yeah I was thinking that too. I think once I get the final piece of tubing in, it'll help push it up some as well since the tubing needs to make a slight bend to get into the existing hole w/ grommet.

Originally Posted by Poison Ivy View Post
Anything but what you are putting in it? The large boards makes the case make a bit more sense.
I simply don't want to invest any money into LGA2011 currently. When I do though, it'll surely be either an E-ATX or XL-ATX board which will fill up the space a bit better.

Originally Posted by techman95 View Post
dont want to sound like im bashing the case but why didnt they off set the vents in the roof like in the fractal arc midi? because even though its a mid tower i can fit a double thick 240 with push pull in the roof
The radiator would still cover a good chunk of the motherboard though, would it not? I'm sure I could of drilled some new holes and done the same, but I'd rather be able to access everything without having to remove parts to get to something else.
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