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Default Custom Radiator; Second Revision

All Canadian Radiator: Second Revision

So after building my first radiator for my TJ07, I decided to take that idea, and make a good version. Specifically, in a 120.3 spec. I am basing it on the old ThermoChill radiators. I have a 19mm and 25mm coming my way. These will be stripped down for measurment purposes.


1) Built in Fan Shroud. I would add 5/8" overhang on one side of the radiator. This would act as a built in shroud. Example:

2) Duel G1/4 Ports on either side. This would allow the user to use the built in shroud (5/8") in either push or pull, and have fittings on either side they would choose. Like in this picture:

Current Specs
All copper and brass construction
Staggered Tube Design
Tubes are designed to add turbulance to the water
8 FPI of Copper striagt multi lovered fins
G1/4 threaded inserts
Fan brackets will be made from brushed aluminum with steel threaded inserts for the fans.

Anything else worth consideration?
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