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My System Specs


I also read that you're using FahSpy to monitor your ppd and it doesn't always calculate bonus points properly. Download or FahMon(sometimes over projects ppd) they are much better than FahSpy. Just for comparison I'm running SMP on 2 cores(leaves one core for GPU folding and 1 core for everything else) on my phenom II x4 955 at 3.6Ghz and I'm getting around 2.5k ppd depending on the project running 24/7.

Originally Posted by r3v07ut10n View Post
just to make sure i am running this correctly, as i think my cpu isnt working properly.
i am running gpu2 and smp with the setups that i have followed here.
GPU is working and all 4 cores are 100%.

I am using fahspy to monitor. 6970 is showing 3580 PPD is this about right? and i2500k is showing 0.. but running @ 100%... something doesnt seem correct.

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