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Originally Posted by NI3 View Post
Do you really want to spend an extra $500+ and get less than 5% fps more?

You will like it a lot more if you got a 24" monitor, 2500k, 560ti 448 core, and a good SSD.
You would be blown away the difference a decent monitor, and an SSD can make..

Either way, upgrade that monitor!

I highly suggest you don't go X79, and spend the money on more GPU power.
You CAN NOT future proof. By the time the 2600k, or 2500k is too slow for games at high, there will be a new socket already.

Look at the people who bought i7 920's thinking "hey ill upgrade to the six cores in three years" well they just went ahead and bought 2500ks.

Some of us played Skyrim on e6600 and 8800GT @ 1080p
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