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Default Couple questions about my new monitor

I just bought a new monitor from NCIX on boxing day, the 23" samsung LCD LED one and I just have a few questions.

I've been on a 17" for the last 10 or so years, will a 23" be a big difference? I see the box and it's huge.

Can I just basically unplug my VGA port from this monitor and leave my pc on while I swap? Or should I run DVI? Is one better then the other for picture, lag and such?

My resolution has been 1024x768 for the last ten years, think I'll need to upgrade?

Also just a random question if I wanted to could I set it up to make it sorta two mini monitors in one? Just an example all of my icons on the left side and all my putty sessions on the right side?

If you could answer these that would be great :) hope you all had good holidays.
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