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I'll never spend another dime in FS as long as I live. BB sometimes if they have something I can't find anywhere else. My biggest problem with them is the massive markup on all their prices.

Last year i needed a 16 or 32Gb class 6+ sd card. Memory Express was out of them BB was out of them but FS had one 16gb class10 card for 200 dollars... 200 hundred fn-dollars. The very same card was 50 bux at memx just out of stock. They told me it wasn't the exact same item and they wouldn't price match. I have never walked out of FS or BB happy. Ever.

FS also ripped me off on an ipod warranty. Ipod died in the 1st week. They sent it back i got back a fixed one 2 months later with an old beat up screen. They said there was scratches on the original... information they put on the invoice slip AFTER i signed it. I don't know what the issue was apple was covering the repair not FS. When it broke again they said the HDD was damaged by me becuse there was a tiny little dent on the back of it... the dent was behind the screen and no where near the HDD. 500 dollars of garbage 100 dollars of warranty they wouldn't honor.

Their instore warranty thing is pure garbage... absolute nonsense. Anyone who buys extended warranty should know... they will use the manufactures warranty until it runs out at which point they will give the worst customer service money can't buy. So you basically buy 1 or 2 years warranty from FS that is already covered by the manufacturer. It's the biggest scam going in my humble opinion.

Enter Memory Express. I can sell anything I bought from there to someone else and the warranty follows the product. No questions asked no nonsense.... maybe a 3 day wait max and you are back on track with replacement hardware. Most of the people there know what they are talkin about and they will always get my money.
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