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Originally Posted by Rapid-X View Post
It looks like the GT200 or D10U card will sell for US$499 and it will be the perfect replacement for the Geforce 9800GTX. We are not sure about the name. Many people have suggested Geforce 9900GTX and GT brands, but we are not sure if these will really be the final names.

The cards based on the GT200 will sell for $499 and the cards are sampled and work well. Nvidia plans to show the cards to journalists in the last week of May and it's highly likely to see the launch in June, with retail availability.

It will be fun to see if the GT200 will end up faster than the GX2 and if this single big chip can actually beat a dual chip card. We have a feeling it should.

Picture below is what is said to be the nex card

Fudzilla - GT200 to retail for $499

In addition, those three cards are 9800GTX cards.
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