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My System Specs


You can start overclocking with any component - just remember you ALWAYS only change one thing at a time. So if you start with GPUs, stabilize that first and then move on to CPU. Depending on how your cooling is set up, it's not bad to start with GPU because usually the GPU will heat the air around the upper part of the motherboard which will affect what you can do with the CPU and RAM. I know my computer is capable of a higher CPU overclock when the GPU is not loaded for instance.

I've always liked BIOS because you are able to use the POST and the OS boot as part of your stability test. I've had instances where I could pass Prime95 but restarting the computer breaks. Additionally, unless they changed stuff recently, AMD Overdrive and other CPU OCing software just crashed for me, stable OC or not.

I'll leave the rest of the questions to someone who overclocks AMDs more.
Your list of settings looks about right, except you're missing system RAM timings (e.g. the 9-9-9-24 or whatever your RAM says on the box) and GPU memory clock speed. Also the multipliers on AMDs are broken up into 3 separate multipliers:
  • CPU Multiplier
  • HyperTransport Multiplier
  • Northbridge Multiplier
As I noted above, you want to modify ONE setting at a time and test for stability - note however that Northbridge on AMDs always has to be greater than or equal to hypertransport multiplier so you can probably raise those two at the same time (as Northbridge clock > HT clock doesn't really do anything for performance).

You probably won't have to touch the "bus" because of your unlocked processor unless you want a really fine grain overclock (there really isn't a physical bus frequency to talk about ever since AMD K8 and Intel Nehalem).

EDIT: Generally PCI-E clock (keep that default, it doesn't give you any benefits) and voltage are the only ways to permanently kill components.
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