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Originally Posted by gingerbee View Post
intel smart response is a feature of the z68 chipset that allows you to set up an ssd and a hdd so the most used apps and data are cached on the ssd so it's very fast but you still have a large storage device all in one i think this is pointless wehn you can just run a ssd boot drive which is much faster adn then keep you data on a hdd which i would also advise you to do with the revo-drive, movies/music/pics/(games data not there install) and data of that nature should be on the hdd and put your Os adn your apps on the ssd/revo-drive

intel smart is a ssd caching feature of z68 and raid5 is speed with a redundant back up

RAID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
for max results RAID 5 is not to be done if you don't have a hardware raid controller with it's own chip and memory, otherwise it will consume a lot of cpu power for all those parity calculations. Best arrangement with consumer class hardware would be SSD for boot drive, 2x7200rpm HDD in RAID 0 for apps/swap file/scratch disk and slow and large HDD for data storage.
Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
This is what i do, have 2 SSDs in raid for OS, 2 faster 7200RPM 500GB single platter drives in raid0 for applications, and 3 2TB drives for data.
Is it possible I install my OS on my 120Gb SSD, and use it for SRT both at the same time? Since SRT only supports up to 64Gb for caching and the remaining space may be used for data storage.
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