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My System Specs


Well there is no compatibility for first gen i7 with the newer ones.

If it is just for gaming, i7 2500 or 2500k seem to be the best in cost/performance
Motherboard there is alot of really good P67 and Z68 boards, I would go Sabertooth for P67 or Z68 V or V-Pro which all 3 are excellent boards
Case, well there just is a heck of alot of choices, and depends on the user, I have a Raven 3 case and love it, however, you do need longer then usualy sata cables, and need to spend a while wiring it to get the best of it. There is also HAF 922/932, Raidmax Viper are also very good choices, the Viper comes in a few color choices as well
SSD, well I am using an Agility 3 60gb, as long as you watch what you are putting on it 60GB is plenty of space, if you want to worry a bit less, go with a 120gb drive. Agility 3 or Vertex 3, Crucial M4, Cosair Force or Force GT are all good choices.

Cpu without a different cooler(Hyper 212+ with 2 of the stock blademaster fans is my choice for $50 and an excellent cooler with some very good headroom for overclocking) 2500K would be around $180-$220
Motherboard depending $135-$225
Case depending $45-$125
SSD depending on which model and capacity $65-$165 or so.
$425-$740 really just depends on variables, also, current i5/i7 like 2500k or the 860 you mentioned, you use DDR3 in them, you do not "need" a dual or triple channel kit, you can use odd sets as long as they are the same capacity, speed, timings, voltage and such. A good set of Gskill Ripjaw ddr3 1600 dual channel kit 8gb capacity will cost $60 or so, if you already have some ddr3 around, then you can just use that as well.

Now as far as 1035T that you mentioned, AMD does make good chips in my opinion, but Intel makes faster ones, the Intel ones "generally" cost more, but they usually offer more performance for that price as well.

Myself I am using a 955BE quad core, and love it, to me its very fast, and does what I need it to do, but, to get the most out of it, its better to overclock it and such.

For my setup, Radeon 6870, raven 3, cpu, cpu cooler, ssd, power supply, and all that stuff would cost around $1k top to bottom, if you trim it to motherboard, cpu, ram,cooler, SSD, it would cost around $450.

I think, for you to get a performance boost from the i7 860 desktop, you would not want to go with anything less then an i7 900 series setup(someone is selling a chip/motherboard in HWC for a very good price) or an i5 2500, to go with an AMD build, I honestly doubt you will find it any faster then what you are used to using, still will be fast, but it most certainly will not directly be an upgrade either.

The 1035t is a slow 6 core cpu, A6 is basically a Athlon II/Phenom II with a decent IGP which compares nothing close to your 6870, the i5 2500 however is very much faster then your current setup, but like I stated, the only thing you could use from current one is the ram, the cpu is not compatible, not is the socket on the motherboard.

Anyways, hope this helps, and just an FYI, although I am sure the 500w power supply you have works fine, I most honestly would not be overclocking to hard, not putting much larger then a 6870 on it, 500w is the bare minimum I would go for a "mid range" setup, dual cards, overclocking, or a more powerfull gpu I would be going for a more hefty power supply 650-750 watt at minimum just to play it safe.
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