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Default new pc

hey guys this pc will be used for everyday pc and some gamming like bf3 and mw2, i curently have a old psu its 700 watts but it has no 6 pin pci-e or anything along those likes but has 4x 4 pin molex will that do for a gtx 560 ti twin frozr? the only reason i ask is because im trying to conserve money but the other option it a OCZ ModXstream Pro 600W modular PSU ? will 600 watts be enought for my system below.

- Corsair Carbide 500R Black Mid-Tower Case
- Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
- OCZ Agility 3 120G SATA3 SSD
- MSI gtx560 ti twin froxr II OC

(currently have a old motherboared and cpu and ram i will use for now they are listed below.)

- amd athlon 64 X2 Dual core processor 5200+ 2.69GHz (scores 5.8 in windows 7 raitng)-(will be upgrading soon to either amd 6 core or i5 2500k)
- asrock A785GM-LE/128M (will be upgrading soon when i upgrade my cpu and ram)
- 4 gigs or ddr2 800 team ram (scores 7.1 in windows 7 raiting)

please tell me will thatOCZ ModXstream Pro 600W modular PSU be enought for when i upgrade my cpu and ram and mother boared or can i use my old psu (so i dnt have to put money towards a new psu) and yes i no my cpu will bottleneck it but i will try over clock it (dose anyone know any fourum about over clocking that cpu)

hope to see a reply thanks alot guys
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