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Question Computer Build Questions

Hello everyone!

I've come to these fourms, A, because I love LinusTechTips and B, because I need help deciding on parts for my upcoming computer build. I'll cut to the chase.

My family already owns a Core i7 860 desktop that came with a dedicated 5570 that can run BF3 at medium-high at 720p at 30fps (BF3 is my game of choice). Dissatisfied, I recently purchased the 6870 from gigabyte for my upcoming build and I love it in the i7 machine, runs BF3 ultra 1080p no problem.

I'm really satisfied with the 500w corsair power supply I bought as well as the 6870, but with $400-$500 US dollars left to spend I'm wondering what to get and I came here to get the expertise of Linus and the rest of the hardware canucks.

Originally, when I first planned the build I was planning on a Phenom II X6 1035T which at the time was around 100 bucks but I'm not sure about performance vs something like the i7 860.

My next thought was an A6 APU to try and get more GPU performance but the benchmarks weren't conclusive.

Now I'm wondering if I should go sandy bridge, but price may not be right on a lot of them, and should I be worried about compatibility?

Basically all I'm looking for is the most badass motherboard, CPU, Case and possibly SSD for under $450 US.


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