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The GTX 560 Ti will be the better performer as others have said, but it may not be the best choice based on your budget. Twin Frozr is quite good (based on what I hear), I was also looking at them when I was considering my own GTX 560 Ti. In the process of researching, I found that Twin Frozr (MSI), Windforce (Gigabyte) and Direct CU (Asus) were basicly competing against each other and providing similar advantages. Eventually I went for a Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti using Windforce and I must say I am not dissapointed.

All that to say you shouldn't limit yourself only to MSI, there are other very similar choices which might be cheaper. Finally, tell us a bit more about your budget, your rig(and your current GPU), the resolution you play at and the games you play.
You said you wished to stay below 250, is that shipped and taxed ?
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