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Default Throwing RAM in the loop?

Hey all,

Im new here and just completed my first watercooling setup. It was simple and easy with a solo CPU loop....

Well now I have a design and layout I drew up after researching a ton and picking items.

I have been told to stay away from Y splitters and I understand why but...

What I cannot find info on and know many people dont like to use them because they believe its pointless is, how do I put RAM in a loop?

With their high resistence of liquid bypass, wont it cause the CPU to heat up being there is not as much flow to them?

Can you place a splitter/Y before RAM/CPU then reconnect it after without issues?

Many people ask why do I want to do this. My answer to them is I have them money, want the look, and dont care about overclocking(Was a past hobby and came to realize that 1 to 2 fps isnt worth the short lifespan hassle).

Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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