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My System Specs


I am currently running both video cards at stock clocks and the fanspeed controlled automatically it runs pretty warm even in an idle state, card 1 is running at 58oC and card is at 62oC according to the nVidia control panel. I have noticed some sluggish like behaviour in windows sine I configured the SLI setup I am thinking it might be the drivers but I haven't ruled anything out at this point and time. Has anyone ever experienced this before when running a SLI setup in windows where navigating through windows it doesn't seem to flow as well as before, especially when browsing the web?

*This is really strange turning off SLI seems to solve the problem, windows seem quicker webpages load much faster and things don't overlap one another when opening or closing. Did I miss something in the bios I should enable to improve performance or has there been any issue where SLI has had problems working correctly in the desktop environment.*

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