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My System Specs

Default Price is no Option LGA2011 Build

So thanks to a buddy at intel who I helped get his system all up and going and upgrade his Media Center.
He Gave me open market to all his New CPU's first I was going to get a 2700k but then I saw it a 3960X USED for a few tests but never overclocked.
So needless to say I am playing pass from hand to hand with my new 3960X and contemplating another major build.

So As I just got signed on with 2 new testing groups and have free market to a large list of motherboards and GPU's its time to build something a little more out of the norm.

I have no choice but Asus boards and hell no complaint there so I need suggestions there.

GPU's I am hoping they give me a 7970 but thats up to the testing group.

Now for where I need help. I want to design and build my own case. I want 2 loops and design a CUBE case. I want to know if it is possible to run 2 PSU's in a system? I also want to design a handle on the top of it and even with all this power the main goal is silence. I Have never made a custom Case from scratch before but I want to use 4 Reservoirs as I think it would look kewl to design them to look like test tubes on all 4 corners. The inside I want to design to show as little as possible of cables other then tons of Water cooling lines and lots of shinny LED's haha.

So whats the best program to design a good case in and what materials are proffered ?

Thanks for your time
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