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My System Specs


As said above, it's not that simple..

On the chip-sets, H61 and H67 do not allow you to oc. This will defeat the point of getting any k series chip.
P67 is cheaper and has a couple of features less than a z68, but there isn't much difference really.
Z68 if you can as the few extra features may benefit you some day but P67 would be more than sufficient.

On the GPU, if your getting a monitor that has less than a 1920x1080 resolution the 560 should be good enough for a good while (especially if it's 1440x900 or less)
Most monitors at 19" are 1366x768.. the sweet spot is a 22" at the moment and you'll find that most are 1920x1080.

If you'r going for the smaller monitor, then yes the 560 is plenty.. if the slightly larger on then I would suggest a Ti, though the 560 will probably do with some reduced settings.
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