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The medium to short term effect of no TRIM is that a SSD can get into a degraded state and thus get SLOOOOW (think 5400rpm hdd that has never been defragged slow). Some SSDs are better at "Idle Time / Background Garbage Collection" in that they will do their own house cleaning during periods of low I/O requests. The long term effect is that this house cleaning "burns" more cell life. Given enough years yes it will shorten the lifespan of the drive...but tbh I doubt it will kill it before you replace it OR before something else like the controller chip dies. ;)

Idle time means the computer is on but NOT in use. Best idle time is at the login screen of the OS as no programs will be running that could slow down the process (eg virus scan's etc etc etc). Depending on mfg'er and your usage patterns you may not even need to make an effort to let the rig idle. If you read a long webpage / email some cleaning will get done before you move on to the next long one. SSD alogs for cleaning have come a long way since the Indlinix Barefoot days. IF you do notice it getting slow...give it an hour a week. That should be more than enough unless you are a power user.

Crucial M4 or Corsair Performance Pro or Intel 510. These are the drives that I would recommend if buying new. Good, fast and while they will never hit their full potential on SATA 3 Gb/s ports...will still be quick and can take care of themselves.
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