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My System Specs

Default holey crap the heat produced lol

last night my room ( which is my Bedroom + folding box ) was so hot I looked at the temperature of my folder and the one cpu ( which I jury rigged a Coolermaster Hyper 212 thanks to hardforums for the idea) and for some reason last night the temperatures of that cpu where fastly aproaching mid 60s I took one of my summer fans and placed it next to the case ( which has no covers at all on it) turn the fan on its highest setting just to bring the temperature down to the high 40s. On the other side of things the NH-U9DO A3 never went past 49 C . I have know idea why it got so hot but man , the other NH-U9DO A3 better get here fast or I am not going to be folding with both cpus activated.
Today the temperature of that cpu is in the mid to semi high 40s there is always a 10 degree difference between the two cpus.
I installed the fans on both cpus I had them blowing away from each other in homes that they would stay fairly cool.
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