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Okay guys, I really appreciate the help and thorough answers. I feel I've gotten a lot of useful information. Amazingly, it seems I'm about to run out of questions but a two.

First off, the pc won't be pre-built. I'll place an order and they'll built it for me using quality components. And I will ask them a bit about this before I purchase. No worries there, I know to not just pick a pre-built system from any computer store.

Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Hmm at 19" you'll be running 1400x900 or somewhere around there. You'd be safe with a GTX 560 without the Ti at that resolution.
(Wow, it's hard to find reviews at less than 1680x1050 these days!)
What you'll end up with on a 19" monitor will be BETWEEN the 1280x1024 and the 1680x1050 results. Considering that 30 FPS is playable, I have no objections on a GTX 560 at that resolution.

To directly answer your question, a system with an i5 2500 without the K is still a good system. BUT...
The issue with getting a 2500 vs a 2500k is that the price difference is extremely small - here it's around $10 - less than 5% the cost of the processor. I just can't recommend crippling your overclocking (even if you don't plan to overclock now) over such a small difference in price. That said, that's the opinion of a hardware enthusiast who tries to burn out his hardware after it is EOL. If you really don't care about overclocking and can accept that you'll have to upgrade to a new CPU sooner, then you can get the 2500 without K.
So, final questions:
1. Nice link with the benchmark results. Though it seems that the GTX560 is more than capable enough of running a high end game such as Crysis 2 on "very high details no AA" on a 1920x1080 screen on +50fps min and +60fps average. So I assume that for my current games, GTX560 will be more than enough, also regarding (perhaps only near) future games though I can see the GTX560Ti delivers higher performance. Tbh i'm not quite sure what my point is other than just stating it. Well yes I'm just not sure the company I'm looking at (MM-Vision) have the GTX560Ti that's all. And then I really think getting a GTX570 would be using money I don't need to use, overkill. It's not really a question but I think that was the point.

2. They do have both the 2500 and 2500k, the price difference is exactly 12,25$. Very low as you said:
Intel Core i5-2500 4x3.30GHz (Socket LGA1155) kun 1459,- hos MM-Vision
Intel Core i5-2500K 4x3.30GHz (Socket LGA1155) kun 1529,- hos MM-Vision
The 2500 (and i7-2600) are the ones they set available for my system and I can imagine it is because the motherboard is the one with the H6x (I think you called it) chipset. I'll ask them about this. Then of couse it's logic not to get the 2500k as the chipset won't overclock anyway. Should I then really go with the i7-2600 instead in order to not having to upgrade to a new CPU sooner, as you put it? Or doesn't it really matter?

That's it, I think I'm done.
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