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Default Looking for new mouse and keyboard

I'm looking around for a new mouse and keyboard to fit my gaming needs (mostly RTS and RPG) and I was hoping that I perhaps could get some advice and recommendations from you guys. I think I have narrowed it down to 3 mice so I'll just list them in the order I "found" them:

1. Razer DeathAdder: It seems a safe buy as I've only heard good things about Razer and this mouse in particular. Not that many buttons but I really like the glowing on the back and wheel.
Razer DeathAdder - Ergonomic Gaming Mouse | Razer Online Shop

2. SteelSeries Ikari Laser: Should be good for RTS/RPG and there is a video at where Linus (I think it's him) speaks very warmly about this mouse. No glowing stuff but still.
SteelSeries - Gaming Mice - SteelSeries Ikari Laser

3. Roccat Kone[+]: Now this is a bit harder. It seems to have a lot of very nice features (EasyShift and "optimized tracking" (I've forgotten the exact name) just to mention a few) and the software should be amazing. All reviews I've read and watched state that the mouse is very good, yet I hear crys of poor build quality - especially regarding the wheel. Then others state that it all works perfect still after long and intense use. Some says that the wheel is buggy, others that it has been fixed with a driver update. Some say it's very difficult to remove the weights once they are in, but I've seen videos where people just open the hatch and take them out. So I really don't know what to think here as the mouse really does seem to have a lot of potential with many great features. I like the customizeable lights on the back.

So what do you think? Feel free to recommend other mice as well.

Now on to the keyboard, I really only have my eyes on one: Razer Arctosa. (Well the Razer Lycosa as well but it's way too expensive). The things I'm looking for in a keyboard are:
- Possible to disable the Windows key.
- Sorry if I'm getting this wrong but the mechanical keybaords, as far as I've understood, are those with sort of "high keys", right? Well I'm used to a laptop and prefer that kind of smaller keys like the Arctosa seems to have. Feel free to try to convince me otherwise, I don't know too much about functionality.
- Full size with numeric keypad.
- Wired.
- Light is welcome.
- I don't require seven thousand macro keys, I prefer it to be more simple, nor do I require WASD to be another colour.
- A sort of dim or dull or what to call it surface would be prefered as I'm not a fan of my finger suddenly leaving a big fat mark on the keyboard which will make it look greasy and dirty (which the Arctosa unfortunately seems to have ). I just think it's ugly.
- Finally, I prefer a big enter key. The one on the Arctosa is small.
- Not too expensive.

Okay, now I sound like I'm totally perfectionistic with a 300 sheets check list before I buy anything. I know you can't have it all but I find the above features very nice. After all, it's about getting some hardware that you like to use and are satisfied with. Any recommendations of a not too expensive keyboard that is useful for playing games and useful for everyday typing (school work etc.) with some of the above mentioned features would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the wall of text!!

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