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Default help me get to 4ghz on my C0!

I have been trying my best to learn how to overclock the past the bloomfield last few days, and I've only managed to get an overclock of 3.7ghz w/ HT stable.

No matter how much voltage I dump, it just wouldn't hit 4ghz.

Here are my current settings:

bclk 195
multi 19
QPI 3510
RAM 780 9-9-9-24 (running 6x4gb sticks)

the voltage settings right now are:

voltage 1.25v
VTT auto
LLC/no vdroop on
dram 1.654v
PLL auto

I have tried all settings from PLL to 1.88v and VTT to 1.28v and vcore at 1.3v and it still wouldn't hold 190x21.
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