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My System Specs


Originally Posted by uppercut View Post
Thanks for all the info I am going to wait a bit longer and get a one of the new nvidia cards coming out soon.
New nvidia are due around about May. new Radions (7970) are being released on the 9th.

While it rips the head off anything else out at the moment (bar dual gpu cards) it's not cheap.

Your best option is either to go for a large single Radion or a pair of nvidia's.

What resolution are you running? and what are you planning to run on the 3 screens? (are you looking for a game across the 3 or just desktop?)

if your looking to game across the 3 screens you will need something with quite a bit of power. If your running monitors that have a higher resolution you will need something with huge amounts of power.

It all depends on 3 things.. brand preference, resolution and use. (also how soon you want it)
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