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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ahmaden View Post
for graphic card sure gtx 560 ti .
but i want to buy newest and futureproof platform ... x79 is newest . thought there is 3 cpus for 2011 socket until now (3960x,3930k,3820) and very expensive .
By the time more CPUs for Socket 2011 are released, there are sure to be more GPUs available on the market - at least the slightly lower end versions of the Radeon 7000s should be out by then.

@OP + clshades
In any case Socket 755's bottleneck is the FSB and if I remember those old benchmarks correctly, file compression was about the only thing had a noticeable difference between single and dual channel (other than benchmarks). Definitely there is no issue for gaming with single channel, especially with DDR1333 RAM. The CPU will likely be pegged first, especially because of its cache.
Back when they were benchmarking DDR2, reviewers always used AMD platforms because AMD's integrated memory controllers got hit harder than Intel's northbridge-based controller.
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