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Default Steam Storage Issue

Hey everyone, I'm running into a space issue here. Due to the awesomeness that is Skyrim I have Steam installed to my SSD and it is staying that way. My issue is that I have a LOT of games on Steam and several of them are quite large. I am quickly running out of space and want to leave 10-15G free on the SSD so that it can have some buffer to work efficiently. I still have another 3 large games that I'd like to install but I was wondering if there is anyway to install a game to the HDD instead and specifically tell Steam to find it at that folder? I really don't want to have two different Steams downloaded and have to switch between them if I want to play a game that isn't installed to the disk that it is on. Is it simpler to just fork up the cash for another 120G SSD and RAID them?

TL;DR --- If Steam is installed to my SSD can I put a game on my HDD and have Steam still able to access and run it? Is it just simpler to buy another SSD and RAID or just to have two different Steam's on my SSD/HDD?
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