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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Hmm at 19" you'll be running 1400x900 or somewhere around there. You'd be safe with a GTX 560 without the Ti at that resolution.
(Wow, it's hard to find reviews at less than 1680x1050 these days!)
What you'll end up with on a 19" monitor will be BETWEEN the 1280x1024 and the 1680x1050 results. Considering that 30 FPS is playable, I have no objections on a GTX 560 at that resolution.

To directly answer your question, a system with an i5 2500 without the K is still a good system. BUT...
The issue with getting a 2500 vs a 2500k is that the price difference is extremely small - here it's around $10 - less than 5% the cost of the processor. I just can't recommend crippling your overclocking (even if you don't plan to overclock now) over such a small difference in price. That said, that's the opinion of a hardware enthusiast who tries to burn out his hardware after it is EOL. If you really don't care about overclocking and can accept that you'll have to upgrade to a new CPU sooner, then you can get the 2500 without K.
You talk about the minimal difference of cpus but why not gpus?
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