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Default Does Intel Quick Sync suck? Or is it something else?

So I got a new system recently. One thing I was building around was the 2600k SandyBridge and a z68 mobo so I could take advantage of the vaunted Intel Quick Sync technology for transcoding video. All the reviews said how blazing fast it was... none said that it resulted in crappy unplayable video! So I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

My goal is to rip my DVDs to MKV so I can store them on HDD and play them on my Asus O!Play for watching on TV and my Asus Transformer Prime Tablet for watching on the go.

I stick a DVD in the PC and use AnyDVD to rip it to VOBs on my PC. No problem so far.
I open up DVDFab 8 and encode it to MKV h.264. No problem so far.
It finishes a full DVD in under 6 minutes! That rocks!

problem. The playback is choppy. VERY chopping. Unwatchable choppy. No, I'm not being picky... nobody would watch it. Its that bad. The "quality" of image is fine - that's not the issue.

I can fix it two ways:

1) I can turn on 2-pass. NO WAY! That turns OFF Quick Sync. Defeats the purpose as it now takes 45 minutes to finish. Screw that.
2) I can crank up the bitrate to some insane number like 10000kbps and then it works. But now the file is 2 to 3 times the size of the DVD and this just shouldn't be necessary.

I searched and searched and it seems that most people aren't having this problem. I tried different software packages (including everyone listed by Intel as being compatible) and it always results in the same thing. I've tried different frame rates to no avail.

I'm left wondering if either I have a defective 2600k somehow... or if its the motherboard (Asrock Fatal1ty z68 pro)?

I took out the discrete video cards to rule that out as the issue. It made no difference.


- Steven
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