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Originally Posted by clshades View Post
sigh... there is NO WAY the non-existant 790 is gonna top their 590 by that much. @ 2500x1600--Ultra no less. Never in their history have they run over their own cards by that much.
They would have to name those cards the Nvidia Peltiers. If anything the non-existant 785 will be slightly lower than the current 590.
Maybe when they get the Nucle 2000watt Nvidia PSU that is Peltier ready. And figure out how to remove 1000watts of thermal Nvidia Nueclousus and visions of grandure. Then perhaps we'll see a green panted drywall screwed sanded down 2x4 heat sink block of wood with a 790 sticker on the side glued to a 10 inch PCB.

Perhaps if wood was considered condensed paper it could be just slightly better than a paper launch?
Dunno if that's strictly true even for nvidia, Geforce to Geforce 2 was double or better, Geforce 3 to geforce 4 was better than double, 8800 was a huge leap over the 7800, but yeah, 1.5x better or less seems to be the status quo now.
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