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Originally Posted by clshades View Post
Is this guy for real? I read most of the posts not all.

#1 What's his budget?
#2 get off the 2011 cpu you don't need it nor will you ever use it.
#3 he can't possibly be running dual channel with 3 ram moduals it doesn't work like that if i remember correctly.
#4 get the 560ti and use the 250 for physX

#5 run CPUZ program and post this picture:
thank u
for graphic card sure gtx 560 ti .
but i want to buy newest and futureproof platform ... x79 is newest . thought there is 3 cpus for 2011 socket until now (3960x,3930k,3820) and very expensive .
but newer and cheaper for gaming is upcoming in Q1 2012.... ( i can wait for cheaper cpu until launching)
here is what you wanted.

my cpu is intel quad core q8300 2.5 ghz stock ( overclocked to 2.85 ghz)
i have 3*2GB memore 1333 mhz from geil (added screenshot from speccy )
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