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I can really see that overclocking provides advantages - unless you break something you shouldn't break because you don't know what you are doing, that is. If I were to tell you that I after all wouldn't be overclocking my system at least at first would you then go "" on me? Because I think I'll prefer getting a little more experience before I start playing around with that.

Now assuming I won't overclock the system you'd still recommend the i5-2500 simply because no games yet will take advantage of the i7-2600, thus the i5 will be just as capable of running any game as the i7, also some time from now? So right now, you'll take an i7 to run other programs in the back while gaming (really great highway explenation btw, thanks) to make sure they'll "get there fast"? I think the only programs I'd be running in the back while gaming should be FRAPS for fps monitoring and GPU-Z for heat monitoring - once in a while.

Now, I understand that if the motherboard featured in the system has the H6x chipset, overclocking won't be that relevant (?). I'll have to check with them to figure out exactly which chipset is used. But the processors available are the i7-2600 and the i5-2500, not the i7-2600k and the i5-2500k. Therefore, the overclocking potential won't be that great in the first place, am I right? But then again, all of this is irrelevant if I don't plan to overclock anyway, yes? So still assuming no overclocking would be done whatsover, you'd still recommend the i5-2500 4 x 3.30GHz over the i7-2600 4 x 3.40GHz? The price difference is 104US$ (600DKK if anyone should be interested).

About the graphics card, I understand that it depends on the resolution so actually you'd recommend I find a screen and figure out what resolution I'll be gaming on before I buy the system? If smaller than 1080p, GTX560 is perfect. If bigger, GTX570? But you think ideally I should find out about GTX560TI? I'm sure they could configure the system whith it if I'd aks. As a bonus information, the computer will also be used for my school work.

I'm sorry if I'm putting the words into your mouths here, I'm just trying to get an overview without sounding like a total noob. Thanks!
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