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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Kerry D View Post
Odd, I thought the ENH200 would be the "N" model. Likely wouldn't matter though, the "G" model is slightly higher priced so I might go with that, as I've come to believe that higher priced products on older standards generally have more robust components. Plus for what we want we wouldn't need N performance.
Actually it seems the ENH200 is very similar other than "only" outputting 500mW and offering 20MHz (150Mbps) 802.11n support. I somehow skimmed over it on the NCIX site I guess... but like you said, 802.11bg is an extremely established standard, compared to 802.11n that has only recently become widely used.

You'll likely want to dial-down the power output anyways so that it doesn't reach too far and becomes susceptible to other people hacking it.

Alternatively, it might be feasible to use a single unit on the main house, directed at the other house and cover that whole house without any other AP's. Not sure how wide of a beamwidth it will offer.

Once you get the parts, I'd definitely suggest walking around with a laptop and inSSIDer (Download inSSIDer and Discover the Wi-Fi Networks Around You | MetaGeek) or an Android/iOS device with similar WiFi analyser apps. It'll help you dial in the power and reduce interference.
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