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My System Specs


This is my little dedicated folder which cost me a whole $55 to put together.

Credit : 1609.69
PPD : 217 avg.
CPU : Pentium D 820
Clocks : 2.8GHz stock @ 51C load 24C ambient
Core : GRO-A4
Notes : packets = big

Credit : 353
PPD : 6583 avg.
GPU : Zotac GTS 250 Eco Edition
Clocks : 750 core, 1900 shader, 1100 memory, stock volts @ 70C load 24C ambient
Core : GROGPU2
Notes: packets = big

Total ppd for the system (oddly enough) adds up to 6800ppd avg. Total system power draw is 196W at the wall +-4W due to fluctuation. The total system would probably be more efficient if I didn't run a smp on the cpu but for now I'll keep it running smp until I can upgrade to at least a 560Ti.
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