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I do have bucks,and i also have a sandy bridge upgrade coming up,the thing is that i didn't find aenough infos on their website to say "Well is that what he use? Great i'll order it right NOW!" My aussiming is that he uses Sony Vegas platinum 2011.
My first reason to ask this,is that i always found that Sony products wether it's affordable or not (Pro or for family) still very hard to use,in PowerDirector u can work with eyes blind! everything is perfectly located on the screen,and belive it or not,i did a 40 minutes 720p rendering with it,even on my old system i didn't felt any slowdown or any issues what so ever.
While the Sony babes bro is so complicated in a way that i uninstalled it in the same day i installed it,and crashed my head on the wall,Oh my GOD BOTH WERE PAINFUL!
So i assume there's probably a product easy to work with that Linus uses and i don't know about! I know ur around here Linus so Show up and help me here :)
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