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Originally Posted by Poison Ivy View Post
Based on my experiences with older systems you do have a good one.... I would really consider buying a 6950 first as an upgrade and hanging onto your system for another year especially if you aren't having many problems. You do have a nice quad core. It all comes down to 1) How disappointed are you in the current games you are playing? 2) Do you want to drop a load of cash on not much of an upgrade in the end for the money?

If you really want to have an edge then buy but as I said you have a good quad core that should be fine for most games as far as I am concerned, but everyone has different standards.

I was playing SWTOR and Skyrim on an 8800GT and an e6600 so I do not think the latest and greatest is always needed ;)
big thanks for your advising all guys ...was helpful for me .

i'm with your opinion . and the reality is i can play all games on good (sometime hight) setting and game run smoothly without bothering me. i want to know does it worth for buying new gpu for better experience ? ( in other word, does buying new card increase enjoy of playing games ? ) my current gpu as i said is gts 250 1024 mb directx 10 ...
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