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My System Specs



So, this will probably be it for me tonight, as I plan on now puting it together as a beta build. i'm waiting patiently on a few new parts, like a new GPU and CPU block. As well, i want to create a great looking midplate, So I'll have to come up with a few ideas.

For this project, I'll be using my previously sleeved Seasonic X-760. The pics are old and i'll take some better ones later :D

turned into:

So down to taking that paint off those caps...
but what tools can i use for it?

Okay, maybe not the greatest of ideas lol.

so thinking hard, i decided for a coffee and a little light reading

Wait..... Acetone!

But it was taking far too long for my liking.... i need something with more... power.
Then i remembered i had this one tool..... with a special attachment that might actually work for me :D

Time to go to work!
So after about 20 minutes of delicately buffing the top of my caps,
I ended up with.... this :) I like the result, but i might use the acetone to shine them up better.

More to come soon, but that's it for tonight.
Thanks guys!

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