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My System Specs


Without starting over you are not going to get much more out of that system. Q9*** or very Overclocked Q6600 would move it a bit but the price is totally not worth the improvement. A GTX 460/560/560Ti also a bit of an improvement but beyond that you might start to get CPU bottlenecked. If it plays everything you want well enough for you then keep it as is, if not you can build a new one starting around $500 and going up to as much money as you can throw at it. I guess it really depends on how important it is to your life to have max settings versus other things that money can buy. I have to have a fairly powerful computer for work so the gaming power comes as a bonus, if I only used it for gaming it would be get upgraded a lot less.

The one area I would upgrade is the monitor...A decent 24 inch 1080p should be on sale for $140 right now...of course that will stress your system even more.

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