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Lightbulb What Video editing software do u use,Linus?

Hello HWC peeps :P
Since a while i've been editing videos,HD and 3D content,some Fraps recording to upload on my youtube channel.
But the things is i was doing that with CyberLink PowerDirector (which is not a toy BTW) i really respected the way that this software works,and its True VeloCity 2 hardware acceleration technology,but i feel i'm so bottlenecked by the new possibilities for other video editing softwares and i wanted to go higher a little bit.
My question is basically,What video editing software do u use? and Does it have a 64bits version (actually i only have 2GB RAM, Dual core pentuim CPU,and a 9400GT so whenever i do my upgrade to sandy bridge i'll be ready for it :D )
And if u could or other members can,link me a channel or a video that have some lessons to become a real freak in the software (I use PhotoShop aftereffect,since a while some of Cinema4D and other stuff as well).
Unfortunatly i have to wait for Linus' reponse before going any further
If u guys asked about money,i have the bucks to buy anything,give me ur suggestions if u want but my priority is Linus' video editing software afterall
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