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My System Specs


I mainly want to get a case which has a side window... so the Cosmos S probably is not the one for me... >.<
Thanks for the info on the TJ07.. I was leaning to that very strongly before.. lol..
Yeah I know that the TJ11 Is really nice, and it's very efficient in terms of cooling, but I don't actually like the idea of inverted tray, as It'll require a lot of cables to run from the top of the case, and the window will be on the right hand side.
My Pc is located on the right hand side, and it's really hard for me to put it on the left hand side ,as My computer room is very limited in terms of space, and I wont be able to manage the cables (I tend to take it out to a LAN party every now and then)

clshades is correct, I am mainly concerned about the airflow to my graphic cards atm, as I am still using 2 GTX 470s.
However, when the next generation NVIDIA cards are out, I'll be upgrading both of them to water cooled ready cards.. So it's just a matter of surviving the next 6 months or so...

I guess with all that criteria.. 800D is still good to go?... been reading and watching a lot of vids, most heat problems are solved through changing all the stock fans, and pulling air from the top of the case.
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