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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ahmaden View Post
thank u for your advise .
you said about bottleneck . which side of bottleneck you are talking about exactly ? ( remain unused performance... or lack? )
describe more pls.
A "bottleneck" in terms of performance in computing is when one component is slowing everything else down. For example in the Metro 2033 game if you crank everything to maximum details your graphics card (GPU) will operate at 100% while everything else (CPU and RAM) is not at 100% but the game still won't run smoothly. In that case, the GPU is the bottleneck. In most games, the GPU being used to its full potential will cause the game to slow down before the CPU. If you got a high-end CPU like a i5/i7 2500k or 2600k then it will be more likely that the GPU will slow down your game, forcing you to upgrade the GPU before you have to upgrade the CPU. Of course there are exceptions to this, like some strategy games will get slowed down by CPU before GPU.

Originally Posted by ahmaden View Post
hey guys big thanks for your advising .
why should i keep gts 250 when i buy other other vga ?! i can't use it at the same time (i mean sli)
you mean i can drop for example gtx 560 ti and throw my gts250 into second slot and use two mismatch gpu simultaneously ?
i think for sli we need same gpu (except vendor name /memory volume ) for example 2*gtx 560 ti or 2*gtx580 ....
i cant use gtx560 ti with gts250... it doesnt work... correct?
u said keep my gts250 as a physx processor ... could you please describe more....
You are correct in that you can't use 2 dissimilar nVidia cards in SLI. However what the others are suggesting is that your new nVidia (or even AMD if the drivers play nice) card can process graphics while you leave your older card to process the physics engine, Physx. See:
This setup will only have an effect if the game actually supports Physx, like the Unreal Torunament 3, Borderlands, etc. if the games you play do not use Physx, your GTS 250 will just remain unused.
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