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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
I'm personally getting one to see if it's quieter at all due to the dampening on its side panels. It's the lowest price I've seen a "damped" case go for (aside from Antec Sonata but I don't need the included PSU) and I happen to be stuck with a mATX board right now

I know some others on this forum used this case, the Silverstone TJ-08 for their mATX builds:
SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.- TJ08-E
I haven't used this case before, but it was on my short list before that deal on the "mini" P180 came around. (My selection criteria were ability to fit full sized CPU cooler and GPU and not use anything smaller than 100mm case fans.) It also looks like someone's successfully placed a 120mm radiator on the rear fan slot: Overclockers Australia Forums - View Single Post - Silverstone TJ08-E Review

Yea I was eyeing up the TJ08-E but it is quite a price difference. I did find some pics of the Corsair h50 mounted on the rear of the mini p180. It seems like the best deal and least hassle atm.
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