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hey guys big thanks for your advising .

Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
If you take a new mobo with more than one PCIE X16 slots you could also keep the GTS250 as PhysX processor, no matter what card you will add, nVidia or AMD.
why should i keep gts 250 when i buy other other vga ?! i can't use it at the same time (i mean sli)
you mean i can drop for example gtx 560 ti and throw my gts250 into second slot and use two mismatch gpu simultaneously ?
i think for sli we need same gpu (except vendor name /memory volume ) for example 2*gtx 560 ti or 2*gtx580 ....
i cant use gtx560 ti with gts250... it doesnt work... correct?
u said keep my gts250 as a physx processor ... could you please describe more....
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