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Originally Posted by Your_friendly_gamer View Post
Does anyone know of this gamepad? I bought this for my wife, as she wants to play bust a move on her laptop. I paid 5 bucks for it, but for some reason when we try to game with it, it doesnt do anything. When we plug in through the usb port, we get a sound and windows installs the driver and sees it. We got win7 pro x64. I went into devices and printers and it is there and I even calibrated it. Anyone knows anything? It says on the back it was made in 2005. But it feels new, bought it off kijiji lol
What specifically are you trying to use the pad with? Emulator?

Odds are you'll just have to use Xpadder with it. The controller should report itself as a 360 controller, so unless the game (or emulator?) has native support for a 360 pad/XInput, you'll have to use something like XPadder to get around it.
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