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Default SLI GTX 460's

I had an issue ordering a GTX 460 from NCIX and they replaced my order with this card:

01G-P3-1361-KR - EVGA GTX 460 1GB

It lists the memory interface as 192 bit. Can I still SLI this card with my current GTX 460 which is a 01G-P3-1380-KR and has a 256 bit memory interface?

Is this a misprint? From my understanding all cards with 1GB of memory had a 256bit Memory Interface and the cards with 192bit were the 768MB versions. I talked with their tech support who said they thought it was a mistake and said it "should" work but I have looked elsewhere and the 01G-P3-1361-KR Model is listed as having a 192bit interface.
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