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Default EVGA GTX 550 Ti - Stange things happening after 5 days back from RMA

This is the first time I've ever seen a graphics card of any kind do this to me. I had both my processor and my graphics card overclocked. Processor from 3.2GHz - 3.7GHz, 1.4v-1.45v. I had the card overclocked from 951/1903, 2178MHz on the RAM to 1030/2060, and 2225MHz on the RAM.

I've had the card and processor overclocked to these settings since I've gotten the card back. This happened after playing 15 minutes of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Is this just simple artifacts from a bad overclock? or does this mean the card has something more wrong with it? I've reset all the card's overclocks for now, until I find out if this is actually harmful or not...

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