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My System Specs


I'm still waiting for the paint to dry properly on my standoffs, so I figured it was time to tackle those unsleeved wires you saw in the unpainted fan controller pic. While I know more and more folks are taking the time to go for a full sleeving mod, I'll just stick with standard heat shrink. It's black and ulitarian which is just fine for this build. A quick trip to Princess Auto and I've got myself some new toys... Best of all, the heatgun was on sale without a sticker to indicate it... cost me $24 vice the $50+ I was expecting. The mini-screwdriver / dental pics are for mangling the plug contacts in order to get the wires off, and the split loom might come in handy for grouping bundles of wires together. I'm by no means an expert on getting those pesky contacts out without the proper tools, so rather than give anybody bad advice as to how to get them off.... let's just assume I got them off with a minimum of blood letting, and only minor cursing on my part....... ;)

Both the fan controller and pump wiring got the heatshrink treatment. If you haven't used heatshrink before, practice on a few scrap wires, and expect the finished product to be a bit stiffer than you'd expect from retail sleeving. That said... it's not only less expensive, but I'd suggest it offers better protection against chafing. The little bit of split loom you see on the molex connectors are in use because the bloody molex pins always drive me batty trying to get them off in spite of having tools which are supposed to be tailor made for them... much easier to use the split loom than beat my head against the wall.... ;)

Cables installed and partially routed / tied off. Not sure, but I might decide to use split loom to bundle the assorted cables into two lines. That's all for this evening (I promise this time.... ;) ). Hopefully, tomorrow night will be the start of the WC loop proper.
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