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My System Specs


if she likes to edit more than a video at a time you will need enhanced computing power. Video transcoding scales very well with the number of cpu cores, and while the HT is helping, the gain is only by 30% compared to an actual core. You could also consider a LGA2011 setup (that would easily make 1000$ on mobo and cpu alone) but also a dual socket G34 (AMD Opteron) would be good to consider. Stay away from the Bulldozer generation however, use previous generation, Magny Cours, I think in general is the 61xx series. A fast disk subsystem will be neded too, i remember when transcoding blurays, it was taking 40 mins to analyze the image ripped on the disk. You might want 2-3-4 HDD drives in raid 0 and final work saved on an external drive (esata or USB 3.0, USB 2.0 only transfers 35MB/s). For integrated RAID system Intel mobos are the best, if you want a separate RAID controller even better.
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