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My System Specs


So assuming these are true, that would place the GTX 780 at ~50% faster than the 580 (vs the 7970's ~25%)
Then the GTR is about 37.5% faster on top of the 780... hmmm sounds like it might just be a heavily factory overclocked 780 with a few extra shader processors/cuda cores and better VRM's and higher TDP...

Anyway I seriously doubt NV will be dropping the prices of their x80's so that probably leaves it priced around the dual card.... oh well if the performance is there... :)

EDIT: Also interesting to note, the GTR seems to perform against the 580 at what the 780 was supposed to originally perform at, I'm thinking NVIDIA just underclocked the 780 and cut out a few shader processors after realising they don't need that much performance on it to keep with the GTX x80 > HD x970 theme and squeeze off profit from the GTR. Just my theory.

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